In 2012, after over two decades of homebuilding, we at Fairweather saw an opportunity to improve traditional building approaches. We developed an improved home design experience, increasing clarity, transparency, and financial predictability so that you are informed and in control throughout process. Thus, our Smart Modern Homes program was born.



For the design portion of this process, we partner with architects, engineers, and designers to build our Smart Modern Homes. Every home is unique and designed for its specific site. The architect or designer will work with you to realize your vision, taking into consideration a wide range of factors from aesthetics to sustainability. They will then communicate this vision so that the entire team has a full understanding of the design intent of the project.

For the building portion of this process, we developed a system that makes highly efficient use of resources. We use off-site fabrication and cloud-based management systems to streamline the building process. This allows for superior quality control, reduced waste, and reduced construction time. From floor to roof, we perform 80% of the labor needed to assemble these components in a safe, controlled production facility, unaffected by weather and other on-site conditions.



Prospective homeowners often begin the journey of building a house without a clear picture of the cost. As a result, they may be surprised by the many costs (including design, engineering, permits, fees, site development, building, and landscaping) that can add up once the project is underway. We created a process that gives you control over the budget, allowing you to adjust it at each step.



At Fairweather, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. By developing our design and construction processes with sustainability in mind, we eliminate all types of waste and deliver homes with an exceptionally low environmental impact. Our highly scripted design and construction processes have allowed us to reduce the volume of lumber used. We prevent material waste by coordinating material use for each project so that lumber remnants that would have otherwise gone to waste are incorporated into other components. While a typical job site produces dumpster after dumpster of waste, we have found that framing an entire house in our production facility can create as little as one load of debris in a small truck. That truck is then emptied at a wood recycling plant and the debris is shredded for landscaped mulch.



At Fairweather, we believe that sustainable homes should meet the highest standards for a healthy living environment. We choose interior finishes and mechanical systems specifically to promote the health, safety, and comfort of you and your family. All of our Smart Modern Homes include air exchange and filtering systems to assure excellent indoor air quality and eliminate allergens. Our homes are also highly insulated, making them easy to heat and cool with minimal noise. These systems and others are set up to be high-functioning and low maintenance, allowing for superior occupant comfort.

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To learn more, email Sam at sam@fairweather-assoc.com or call our office at (707) 829-2922