Fairweather believes that excellent design is the foundation of a successful project. As such, our goal is to be involved as early as possible in the design process. This involvement may be in the form of directly providing design work for your project; a referral to an architect we have worked with; or working with an architect you may have already chosen. Often collaborating with an architect, splitting the design and construction document tasks between us is a winning formula. We are experts at evaluating and developing rural property and maintain a solid relationship with the Building Department. Being able to anticipate the project requirements sets us apart.

Fairweather seeks to achieve a balanced approach to design by combining high aesthetic standards, feasibility estimates and practical building experience throughout the design process. Our ability to create added value in the design process is one of our greatest strengths. We love perfectly executed details, long lasting construction, and the use of local reclaimed materials. Green building practices have been a part of our process prior to the term coming into widespread use. We are happy to match your green building goals with the best materials and technology available.

Please review our portfolio for a more complete understanding of our enthusiasm for excellent design.